Bauer Elite Goalie Knee Guards Hockey Bauer Goalie Pad Senior, Intermidiate OSFA

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One pair of Bauer Elite Goalie Knee Pads

The Bauer Elite Goalie Knee Guards boast Curv Composite over the kneecap to give goalies elite-level protection and coverage against impacts. It's surrounded by lightweight high-density foam so goalies can drop down confidently.
They offer maximum mobility thanks to the three-piece design, which consists of a hinge at the knee and a floating knee cap guard. It's all locked down with a three-strap system to ensure protection doesn't slip around during gameplay.
Lastly, the liner is built with Bauer's Thermo Max+ design, which excels at managing sweat and moisture throughout the game by quickly wicking it away from the body. Plus, it keeps working afterwords too by preventing odor-causing bacteria from growing

*Select your size from the menu above

*Pad Size - INT XS - INT LG (Height - 4'4" - 5'7") (Weight - 62 - 130 lbs)
*Pad Size - SR XS - SR XL (Height - 5'4" - 5'11"+)(Weight - 97 - 180+ lbs)

*Thermo Max+ - Not only does this liner excel at managing sweat and moisture but it provides great antibacterial treatment too! This helps your gear stay dry, cool, and smelling fresher for a lot longer.
*Curv Composite - An incredibly strong material that guards against low mass, high-velocity impacts! Without adding weight, Curv is used in very key impact areas to provide elite-level protection that pros rely on.
*Fit - 3-Piece Design / (3) 1.5" Elastic Straps - Lower Thigh, Knee, and Upper Calf
*Nylon strap at top for garter belt attachment
*Pro Style Knee Guards
*Size Should Match The Goalie Pads Size