ButtEndz FLUX Z Hockey Stick Handle Sticky Grip Colored Wrap/Tape Many Colors

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Buttendz FLUX Z Hockey Stick Grip

*Widely known as the best hockey stick grip
*Large player knob
*Fits all Stick Sizes
*QR Code on outside of package to scan to see how to install
*Grip Applicator Spray included
*Fits All Stick Sizes

Designed for the player who prefers a classic knob. The rounded edge of the knob, combined with the Buttendz Tiling Texture are what make this grip a favorite. The unique shape and size of the Flux Z knob allows the player to maximize power, accuracy and stick control.

Grip Specs:

*Knob Width = 22mm

*Knob Thickness= 6mm

*Grip Length: 7 inches