ButtEndz Goalie Sentry Hockey Stick Handle Sticky Grip Colored Wrap/Tape Knob

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Buttendz Sentry Goalie Hockey Stick Grip

*Widely known as the best hockey stick grip
*Goalie specific knob
*Fits all Stick Sizes
*QR Code on outside of package to scan to see how to install
*Grip Applicator Spray included

Buttendz Goalie-specific knob. It can described as perfect. The knob is bigger than most player knobs, giving the tendy ultimate control when poke checking or grabbing the stick off the ice. The Buttendz Tiling Texture provides an upgrade in feel when playing the puck.

Grip Specs:

*Knob Width = 19mm

*Thickness= 12.5mm

*Grip Length: 6.5 inches