Markwort Knobcuff EZ Taper - 1 Knob Cuff Baseball / Softball Bat Knob Choke Grip

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Markwort Knobcuff EZ Bat Taper

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*Easy On/Easy Off! No Cutting Needed!
*Price is for 1 knobcuff
*Reduces Stress On Palms & Fingers
*Better Bat Control
*Identifies Your Bat
*Fits Any Size Bat
*Made in the USA

Installation Of Knobcuff EZ Taper
1. Flip inside out.
2. Add Water to the inside of Knobcuff.
3. Brace the bat with the knob up.
4. Grab the large end of Knobcuff.
5. Bring the large end to the knob edge.
6. Push/pull the Knobcuff over the knob.
7. Once over the knob, dry the bat handle, knob and Knobcuff.
8. Adjust Knobcuff as needed.

Removal of Knobcuff EZ Taper
1. Brace the bat with the knob up.
2. With one hand, work one finger under the small end of the Knobcuff.
3. Repeat the second step with other hand.
4. Pinch the sections your fingers have worked up.
5. Roll the edge up on the knob edge.
6. Continue to roll remaining Knobcuff over the knob.
7. Knobcuff should now be off bat.