Rawlings Baseball Softball Glove Wrap Break In Mitt Shapes Glove Pocket Band

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Rawlings Glove Wrap

Rawlings Glove Wrap, with use of ball to mold your glove pocket, helps create the desired "cradle" shape. FEATURES: One-piece elastic strap helps mold glove pocket into desired "cradle" shape Ideal for breaking in a new glove or restoring an old one Fits any glove.

*Made in the USA
*DESIGNED TO FIT AROUND BASEBALL AND SOFTBALL GLOVES, the Rawlings Glove Wrap should be used whenever a player's glove is not in use
*HELPS MOLD POCKET INTO DESIRED "CRADLE" SHAPE in order to create the all-important shape that allows a player's glove to easily receive a thrown (or batted) ball
*DURABLE ONE-PIECE ELASTIC BAND should be used by placing a ball (or two) in the pocket of a glove then securing the band around the glove
*IDEAL FOR BASEBALL/SOFTBALL PLAYERS OF ALL AGES - great for breaking-in a new glove or restoring an old one
*FOR BEST RESULTS, use with Rawlings Glovolium glove treatment