Rawlings Pro-Style Rock Rosin Bag Professional Hand Grip Baseball Pitching Bat

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Rawlings Pro-Style Rock Rosin

Rock rosin has been utilized for decades by ball players all around the world. You see it everyday on tv by pro players that need that extra grip on the ball or bat in tight, crucial situations. Rawlings knows that and has packed rock rosin into the perfect little bundle, giving every player the ability to be exactly like the pros. With 100% genuine rock rosin crushed into powder that enhances all grips, plus the extremely portable packaging it comes in, there’s no reason any player, coach or team should get game-ready without the Rawlings Rock Rosin Bag.

*Rawlings Rock Rosin Bag
*100% Genuine Rock Rosin
*Professional Style Cloth Bag
*Enhances a Tacky Grip
*Can Be Used While Pitching or Batting