Rollerblade In-Line Skate Bearnigs (16) Pack - SG5, SG7, SG9 or ILQ Pro Bearings

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Quantity of 16 Rollerblade Brand In-Line Skate Bearings

*The price is for 1 package of 16 bearings
*Bearings only - No Spacers Included
*Select your bearing quality of choice from the menu above
*Should fit most any In-Line Skate Brand



The Rollerblade SG5 Inline Skate Bearing 16-Pack offers all the performance you need for recreational skating. These bearings are made with high-grade chrome steel for durable, long-lasting performance. They're designed to roll quiet and smooth, and to be clean too. Rollerblade added an additional ridge on the inner ring to prevent lubricants from leaking out.


The Rollerblade SG7 Inline Skate Bearing 16-Pack offers the versatility needed for both recreational and fitness skating. SG7 bearings have a mid-to-high grade rating, making them well-suited to moderate speeds. They're made from durable chrome steel, so you'll get plenty of use before having to replace them. Rollerblade bearings are polished to reduce noise, and they're designed to reduce lubricant leakage, keeping things clean.


Twincam ILQ-7 Plus Bearings are designed for high performance using a 7-ball bearing design. Nylon retainers and metal shields protect the bearings from dirt while Kyodo grease (Made in Japan) provides superior lubricant. 16 bearings included.


If you're an aggressive rider, the Rollerblade SG9 Inline Skate Bearing 16-Pack will give you all the speed and performance you're looking for. This is one of Rollerblade's highest-grade skate bearings, giving you a fast ride and lots of durability. Rollerblade skate bearings are designed to be quiet and clean for added convenience.

ILQ-9 Pro:

The ILQ-9 Pro bearings from Rollerblade are their fastest Twincam bearings. Designed for marathon skaters and therefor perfect for speed skaters and fitness skaters who like to go fast. They come prelubricated with american TK Racing Gel which makes these bearings very fast.

The unique SCRS shield system helps keep dirt and water from getting to the internal parts of the bearings. This makes them last longer between maintenance-sessions.