VukGripz Firm Baseball Softball Bat Handle Sticky Grip Vuk Gripz Wrap/Tape

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VukGripz Baseball/Softball Bat Replacement Grip/Wrap

The VukGripz Firm Bat Grip is the thinnest and most durable grip available. VukGripz bat grips are designed to fit any wood, aluminum, or composite bat and provide excellent grip even during rainy games. The extra grip added by the VukGripz increases bat speed up to 2.1% when compared to traditional leather grips, giving an average of 8 feet extra distance on hits. With their easy to wrap, reusable design, the VukGripz Firm Bat Grips will give you the grip you need to improve your performance at the plate.

*Grips in all conditions
*Easy to wrap and reusable
*Pre-cut ends for easy wrapping
*Great for all ages and skill levels
*Maintain grip and tack even in rainy weather
*Designed to fit wood, aluminum, and composite bats
*Increase bat speed up to 2.1% more than leather grips
*Fits all baseball/softball bats - wood, alloy, and composite
*Reduced Vibrations
*Feel: Firm
*Length: 35.5 in.
*Made In The USA

Wrapping instructions:
For easy wrapping, if possible, use the skinniest tapered end of the grip to start the wrapping of your equipment. It is recommended to overlap your grip 1/8in as you wrap your equipment. This will allow for easy and precision wrapping. After the grip is installed on your equipment, be sure to go around the newly installed grip and apply strong pressure to assure the best adhesion possible (just squeeze the grip, do not squeeze and twist). Be sure to add a piece or electrical tape or any kind of tape to the finishing end to help protect that end. Best wrapping conditions: dry air and room temperature/70o F. Do Not Overstretch.
*Please Note: Large tapered handles tend to take up more bat grip. The more overlap there is during installation, the lower the bat grip will be on the handle. Please be sure to take that into consideration when gripping your bat.